New Safa President Kirsten Nematandani Elected

most accurate miter sawEver hear the story about two dogs fighting over a bone and the third one walking off with it? Well after a day and night of drama outsider Kirsten Nematandani was elected unopposed as the new president of the South African Football Association at a turbulent annual general meeting held in Kempton Park on this weekend.

Nematandani, who heads the Safa Referees Committee, will have Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana and Mandla “Shooz” Mazibuko as his vice presidents. Both men were also elected unopposed after five other candidates withdrew from the race.

Kirsten Nematandani’ – Shock Election

Kirsten Nematandani’s shock election is seen as a victory for the Football Transformation Forum (FTF) of which Danny Jordaan, one of the other presidential candidates, is the head.

It appears Jordaan and the FTF outmaneuvered his greatest rival for the Safa presidency, Irvin Khoza, the Iron Duke, in a tense standoff, which resulted in both men withdrawing from the presidential race on Saturday night. It has to be so, it became impossible for wither Jordaan or Khoza to take over the reigns as Safa president because of too much acrimony, not just between their men, but also between their followers.

Irvin Khoza and Danny Jordaan – Giant of SA Soccer

These two giants of South African Soccer, Irvin Khoza, and Danny Jordaan were the leading lights in bringing the 2010 World Cup to South Africa. At present Jordaan is the 2010 Local Organising Committee CEO while Khoza is chair of the 2010 LOC. But when the Safa Presidency came up, they both wanted more. They wanted control of Safa.

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