We may be confident enough to tackle life’s challenges head first and luckily survive in the end. Surely we can, through hard work and perseverance, finish the daunting task of moving furniture on our own?
Many have braved this and failed time and time again. Maybe it’s made to be done by someone else? Hence we come to one of the questions we are asked to answer: Should I do it myself or should I pay for it? How much does furniture removal cost me if I decide to hire?

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The job of putting away and/or moving furniture usually shows itself when one is able to purchase a new home, or simply needs some new things transferred. This may sound simple enough – I mean, how hard can putting a sofa from point A to point B, be?
Then comes all the unnecessary bickering, the sore back, and arms, the potential risk of breaking everything and dropping the heavy things on your big toe – and then you’d think, is this really worth all the trouble?
Enter the business of furniture removal – for a reasonable amount of money you can have another set of arms and legs do everything for you! Movers or the “moving crew” are usually capable of almost anything, from cleaning up afterward to disassembly and assembly, to packing things up and even arranging them neatly for you!

According to US standards, the average cost of a simple furniture move is around $80. This varies, of course, depending on the contract between you and the furniture removal team. It can even go as cheap as $50 if it doesn’t involve that much, but can also reach more than $500 and even $1500 and higher if it deals with more complicated stuff.
The usual price factors involve, among others: Size and amount of the furniture to be moved, Distance traveled, Weight of the furniture, Time needed to transport, and factors like additional cleaning.
Always remember to know your budget and communicate well with who you hire! Credit: Active Transport